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it was impossible he allegedly screamed "i don't give an f" if she has cancer or not. i want that f-ing make up room. i edited myself. so not like him. you know who else does president like cameras? >> finally. >> sherrod was baldwin fired or was it a mutual decision? >> even if he was fired or he left, msnbc, he made off. >> we have only done two shows. he is probably getting paid for 12. >> one more than rob ford. he is a winner. >> and it was two weeks which surpassed chevy chase. >> he is going through a lot. the paparazzi and the hot daughter i am stalking. >> that's his wife. >> jesse, when you are working and ringing up t-shirt sales do you notice a lot of customers are talking about this story? >> no because most of them speak farsey. they buy the t-shirt and babble. that has got to be one of the most brutal show business quotes since ted dan son says i don't care how many baby pandas died in the holocaust. i want soy milk. >> do you think he said that, or do you think this is a planted story? >> well, they did say they like parted ways. i do think the baldwins have a tradition of parting wa
sure they don't have any drivers who don't reflect well on them and they are completely wrong about who their customers are. the drivers are their customers and unless fly wheel behaves accordingly they are just like a military committee trying to take over one more cia poetry magazine. rather than reinvent the wheel i suggest you hire taxi magic. they really are the closest thing to implementable -- they are implementable, they are working. that's why people like luxor cab. i want to support your effort to consolidate the efforts, that's very important. but the particular thing that's on the table doesn't seem right to me. i sure hope i don't regret saying this because if you decide not to do what she is asking and the deviciveness continues, that won't be good. taxi magic is the best. >> thank you, senior. mr. lamb ?oo ?a good afternoon again. my concern has to do with, i'm all for regulation and i think if there's a problem with regulation then the hammer needs to be thrown upon those companies that aren't following those regulations. as a person who is monitored on everything i do
for me. i can see there is an honest person in the system. i kind of got mixed up in it and how, i don't know. i'm glad and they actually had people that care about people behind bars. i'm more aware of my freedom taking it for granted. i'm free and loving life. [ applause ] >> i would like to ask our first panel to come up and take their seats. >> i'm going to start on my right to your left here and introduce karen hooper, the author of chasing gideon and i just want to announce that she will be holding a book signing. the book came out yesterday. she will have a book signing during lunch. next is don porter, the producer of gideon's army. the clip we just saw. don is a founder of trilogy films and director of gideon's army. it premiered in the 2010 sundance festival. she's an a -- she's on the 2012 hot shot directors emerging to watch, she's also graduated from georgetown university law center and practicing attorney and abc television networks before starting her television career and next is john. i met john about 10 years ago when he was starting off and had this crazy idea of ope
, and the discussions that i had with, i don't know everybody he name. mark. >> yes. >> and led me to believe that they were going to be able to assist for a certain aspect of the periods and not to include but i understand to be the principals at this point and being the roof. and but you have no applied? >> this is just a conversation. with marv? >> yeah, come on up. >> did you apply with the mayor's office? >> yes, we have to finish doing the violations that i can correct myself, before i can go through the whole application, like clearing the debris. like what we have done all of the yard work in the back and the exterior ones and all of that, they don't do any yard work and we are rebuildings together or for the mayor's office on housing, so i have been doing all of that myself which is basically as of the next inspection that i have with the department of public health and the fire department is going to be the last one for the exterior. number 12. so perhaps just i think that the program that the mayor's office of housing is financing and they will not actually do the work for you. >>
views on contraception. which is why we made sure churches and other houses of worship, they don't have to provide it. they don't have to paid for it. >> when it was announced the supreme court would hear the hop hobby lobby case yesterday, the white house put out a statement. our policy is designed to insure that healthcare decisions are made between a woman and her doctor. the president believes that no one, including the government or for-profit corporations should be able to dictate those decisions to women. over the summer the tenth circuit court of appeals in denver ruled in favor of hobby lobby contending because it's not a publicly traded corporation hobby lobby is entitled to be ex-earth from the contraceptive mandate. the supreme court is expected to hear the case in march. >> here now are lori windom, senior counsel representing hobby lobby. and reporter from the religious news service, and fred geddes professor of law at brigham young university law school. help us know what this is about, what is the difference between a person saying to an insurer i don't want that, and i
know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter but it's time to get covered. >> that's it? health insurance? >> here to expose the truth about obama care death panels. >> i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world. my administration is in direct discussions with the taliban. today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that's more secure. >> more proof that the commander in chief just doesn't understand the threat posed to america by radical islam. >>> why's the left wing media claiming the knockout game is a myth and calling many 'knockout game truther? "hannity" starts right here right now. welcome. tonight, the debacle reached a new low. yes, the president's political operatives working overtime to they can many disastrous health care law topic at your thanksgiving day table. i'm not joking. organizing for action posted on barack this holiday season, millions of american vs a chance to get quality affordable health insurance many for the first time. if you have family members uninsu
gobble, i'm giving you pilgrim's pride to buy. >> oh my godness. >> don't give him any more of the good stuff. after the first wine. don't give them any more of the good stuff. >> happy thanksgiving. mad money starts right now. >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you a little money. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. today, i want to talk to you about the big picture. building wealth in general. stocks are just one part, absolutely the most important one, but still just one part of building real wealth. not just living off your paycheck. there's some people, call them the 1%, if you want, who can make enough from their day-to-day income to become truly rich, but for the vast majority of americans, it's simply not enough to get wrou there. you need to hold medic. if you keep watching, i'm going to tell you how to do just that for
and set with the submit the architecture. >> and i understand the spiritual, but what i don't kind of sign-off is the fact that they will not commit to us aten day turn around. >> yeah, or a five day. and i am sorry, if somebody has gone through it who was told the x, amounts of time and ended up far from that time frame and i am getting a lot of calls from a lot of smaller contractors who are really feeling the burden of this, and they have posted the site permit and they have a demolition and they are waiting on the architectural drawings and they will not inspect it and they want to see a full set of construction documents on the site and so any way commissioner walker. >> i tend to agree that i think that in fairness, to both the departments, we could accommodate, doing this but only if they give us a turn around time and a definite, two days to determine if there are changes or not. or one day or whatever. >> they had to send it back to planning for a month where it came back. and i tend to agree with this spirit of what you are talking about that they need to give us a commitment if
are talking? >> why don't you. >> and okay. lean it against the podium. and facing this way and you can still point to it, okay? >> but it is that... >> and now there is nothing. >> and is that okay with you? >> i think that it is... i am sorry i think that it is better on top. >> and thank you. >> so we will work with that. and we want to set the time, three and a half and three and a half, if you could tell us >> we can't do that. i can give you a signal. >> there is a timer on the podium right there, you can see the time going. >> all right. thank you very much. >> starting the time now. >> okay. >> and i am here to this is jean, and i wanted to talk about the neighborhood character and so that is why we kind of wanted you to see a little bit about what was or how the neighborhood would be affected by this rather large building. and let's see. just... sometimes, the pictures that you get in the plans don't show exactly, like this guy over here is the mariposa gardens which is the low income housing that is right next to it and it is rather small compared to this. and the low income housing
you want to talk to me about? >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what, but it's time to get covered. >> that's it? health insurance? >> it's important. >> i know. and i'll do it. >> so that's what they want you to do. brian joins us today. >> yes. >> that's what they want you to do over thanksgiving. >> role play? role play? i'll be the nasty self-obsessed child who doesn't want to get health insurance so they feel they can get a slice of life that will alarm people to go out and get health care. it's not going to be effective. no one sits down at the table even on thanksgiving. they're grabbing stuff, going, watching football, talking to their cousins. i am fascinated by the role play slice of life acting that's going on right now. are they casting or fixing it? >> sounds like you don't have fun role play, that that's sort of your problem. >> you have other kinds -- anyway. >> yes. >> so the table, obama care. any chance? >> it's just so pathetic. this is so desperate because they need the young, healthy people. they have to suck the money out of
the labor union supporters don't drive them to the web set on saturday. they can handle 50,000 people at one time. but it could be 250,000 and it could crash the site all over again. >> but that is not inspiring confidence, chris. the idea that they don't know it sounds like whether or not they will be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. what is the thinking inside of the beltway where you are about how ready this website is? >> people don't know. it clearly seems to be getting better. the word at least when you hear from the administration, that it is getting better. but you know, they are kind of lowering expectations and because they made a hash of it on october 1st. and they say it will be better for most people and not everybody. they are trying to make most people a fewer number of people and not guaranteeing that everyone going in will have a great time and they are talking about a waiting list. they can say i want to sign up and like a pass at disneyworld. we can't take you right now. but e-mail you and tell you when to come on and you can go to the front of the line
trees can be preserved and don't have to be removed and so i will leave it at that. and we believe that the burden is on the permit holder and duf to show that the trees are hazardous and they have failed to do that and they have not met their burden and the permit should be revoked thank you. >> and now i will show the rest of my time with miss lenz, and she will go over the three trees. thank you. cathy lenz, and i have a degree in hort culture from the city college. and my specialty was pruning and small trees, 25 feet and under. i contacted a second arborist because although we agree, at least two of the three trees can be preserved, our original arborist i did not feel did a good job. so i got a report which i submitted to the board. and commissioners, from ted kiplin who is in my opinion, one of the best tree people in the bay area. and so i refer you to that. and i submitted it. and i want to start with the first tree, on gonzales, 605. here it is. photo. >> well, okay. there is the photo. and i am happy if my testimony is not witness enough to contact ted and have him come
hardware. they are not available. it's a rather complex. >> in fact we don't even use the richter scale anymore. we use a moment magnitude. the richter scale was early technology. >> probably a myth that i hear most often is my building is just fine in the loma prieta earthquake so everything is fine. is that true ? >> loma prieta was different. the ground acceleration here was quite moderate and the duration was moderate. so anyone that believes they survived a big earthquake and their building has been tested is sadly mistaken. >> we are planning for the bigger earthquake closer to san francisco and a fault totally independent. >> much stronger than the loma prieta earthquake. >> so people who were here in '89 they should say 3 times as strong and twice as long and that will give them more of an occasion of the earthquake we would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage. when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for >> evening everyone, welcome to the san francisco commission on the environment
for other purchases with the purchase of this ipad mini. don't buy stuff you didn't need. gerri: you definitely need a shopping list. [laughter] >> absolutely, shop online if you can't enjoy yourself. gerri: thank you for coming on the show. so will consumers shop until they drop? inside into how willing people are to open their wallets. peter barnes has the latest. reporter: that's rightt a new consumer survey says that more people will spend more money on their holiday shopping this year but it might've been higher had it not been for the fiscal battles in washington, which made some shoppers cautious this holiday season. the consumer federation of america hold more than 1000 consumers for their annual holiday shopping survey. 15% said that they plan to increase holiday spending this year, a slight increase over this 12% rise last year, which was up from 8% who said they spent more in 2011. 32% say they plan to spend less this year from 30% who said that last year and they are going to spend about the same. but the survey suggested that the increase in the number of consumer spendi
manager? >> i don't think much. it wouldn't be open for very long. there wouldn't be too many people calling i wouldn't think, but i wouldn't know. i've never been open on a thanksgiving in the ten years i've worked for that company. >> all right, tony rohr, thanks for joining us. a lot of people admire your tenacity to stick up for your workers. i'm ed schultz. politics nation with al sharpton starts right now. happy thanksgiving to you. >>> and happy thanksgiving to you. tonight's lead, a reality check for the right wing turkey. on this day, this day before thanksgiving, president obama gave america a clear choice. between those who want to help the less fortunate and those who want to make their lives worse. but he began the day with the annual tradition, the pardon of the white house turco. this year the lucky ones were popcorn and caramel. >> the competition was stiff, but we can officially declare that popcorn is the winner. proving -- there you go. proving that even a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. and now, before these turcos get away, with the
of hours. turbulence and delays are going to go up. right now they don't have any delays in the airport. i think that's going to be the place that increases. all the new york city airports running just under an hour and philly has been the worse of it today. for most of the day running at about two hours. it's gone down a little bit. seeing that cloud level race just a little bit when the low clouds are there they can't get the planes off in as fast as a pattern as they generally have. they have to slow that down and that causes that pileup and delay of flights. the t. is cold. tonight those temperatures are going to be into the mid 20's. down in places like atlanta and birmingham. so very significant freeze going on. and down across even towards south florida tomorrow is only going to be into the 60's. so a very cool thanksgiving for florida. people who are head down from to try to get a little bit of a warm thanksgiving not really going to happen. still dealing with the rain across areas of the coastal areas from mid-atlantic up into boston. we will see few more bouts of heavy rain. you
to at least president john f. kennedy. popcorn vied against feathered riv rival caramel in an online poll. don't worry. both gobble to the end of their lives. >> we can officially declare that popcorn is the winner. proving -- there you go. proving that even a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. as for caramel, he's sticking around, and he's already busy raising money for his next campaign. >> unfortunately for the commander in chief, this was a brief reprieve from the pressures of the presidency. cautious white house officials are already urging staunch supporters to stay off the website this weekend to help prevent a potential crash from a second rush of users. after the glitchtastic debut october 1st. and the administration today delayed online enrollment by one year, shifting to an offline route instead. but for both the health law's supporters and opponents, it's personal. with each side using the holiday as a vehicle to spread their message. the democratic national committee launched its own website, your republican with handy notes for defending the affordab
to put my turkey in a thing in the yard. >> a deep fryer. >> i don't think i want that. but they've talked me into it. i had to buy a special size and i'm fearing someone is going to get hurt. >> he's trolling mika. >> is that very bad for you? >> it macs the turkey come alive. >> in peanut oil. >> why don't you eat some fourteench fries in. >> i have been talked into it. i have to bring the turkey over at 1:00. he's going to take care of it and give it back to me. >> it will taste good. >> it will? ion if my parents will like that. that's what's happening. none of are you cooking. are any of you shopping on friday? i don't understand this black friday thing. all right. i would suggest others don't as well. right? >> it can wait until saturday. >> go online or save your money. >> go online. >> okay. so we're all getting ready for the holiday. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. of course, on coup, the amount of storm system is threatening to spoil the thanksgiving holiday. is that possible? today most of the northeast and mid-atlantic are expected to be pummelled wit
on the roster, that concludes roll call for introductions >> >> why don't we now go to general public comment? >> at this time, the public may comment generally for up to 2 minutes for items within the subject matter jurisdiction within the board, and items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on items which have already had public comment at a board committee and please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount time to testify, and if you want a document to be displayed please indicate such. >> thank you, let's hear from our first speaker. er >> don't give many of the friends of the library, the system encourages public comment and most of the safeguards of democracy em powers the public citizen, dehumanization, i attempt to counter this by acknowledging by birthday. i am 67 today, 67 is not a major birthday, but you don't need to be [inaudible] to figure out that if yesterday was the 50th anniversa
the last -- few things from the last thanksgiving. don't act like it's not in your fridge too sometimes. >> are you kid -- >> little -- not like -- not like food in containers. >> is there some turkey in there, 1-year-old turkey. >> we bought some other stuff, sauces. oh, that must have been from -- and i opened up the spice cabinet. >> yeah. >> lots of stuff is there. i was like, what -- not just spices but crackers that were opened from god knows when. >> you put your shoes in there, don't you? you use your kitchen for other things like boib thomas does. >> when they come i clean. >> that's good. >> wow, my apartment looks awesome. >> can you imagine how horrible holidays would be if you couldn't stand your family? >> oh, god. >> that's the case for a lot of people. >> yeah. yeah. >> couldn't stand them. >> i know. you know what, this is interesting. you brought up something interesting about how sometimes kids and their parents get separated when they're having a meal together. >> right. yeah. after church on sunday we went to a little restaurant that we love. it's actually the resta
'm walking down the street and i'm pulling my dog's chain or i leave my dog outside in the cold and i don't feed it and it has health problems or i kick it and make fun of it and treat it harshly, you can arrest me. but i can do that to a person and you think it's okay. i don't think it's okay. jeff got me on the phone and said i want to know more about the program and i talked to him and said this is how it works and he said what's the biggest barrier? i said we have trouble making people understand how to better treat their clients. i'm a huge fan and knowing what we need to do is to make sure those people that need help get the help they want. our clients are offered treatment and across the board every single person arrested for that are offered services an they all get help. everyone of them gets help. and my outcomes show that they benefit from that. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> you were a substance treatment expert for the medical center. i understand there is some promising new treatments about alcohol that maybe on the horizon. tell us about that. >> as far as treatment for al
say ime don't want everyone to know. >> i the guy says several of those descriptions. [laughter] >> of course, not. melissa: i had to walk around i share this with so many don't talk about me but everybody else. [laughter] they said politely bring it to their attention that if that doesn't work but then you coordinate withhr everybody else in your area and yes. >> did you should speak lower. >> i seeing slow talkers are far more irritating because said it is so important, i am sorry. what? what?out melissa: you say that quiet whispered? >> to demonstrate to you think they will get the message? >> they cannot keep the natural inclination if they are the of loud talker. >> you just learn word your own town. t [laughter] >> i think gossipy is a hugeuge problem and it is toxic.ic >>. melissa: maybe i am wrong but i think the fun gossipce that is not her fault but across the other team across the river but then there is negative gossip where maybe sor they're not so happy with their own situation.a: >> j sometimes it requires cruelty there has to be a main element i had a w
? >> are you racist? >> am i a racist? (laughter) >> jon: never ask a question you don't know the answer to. (laughter) the media they are just askinging they don't know. everything is happening, they are just passengers on this crazy bus called news. (laughter) >> fear not, for tonight we settle the investigationing questions with our brand-new segment, racist or not racist? jessica william, jason jones, aasif manned very. thank you for joining us. we are very excited about this segment. it's a beautiful segment, a big segment. >> okay, well, first of all that is one weak segment title. (laughter) >> jon: you have a better title. >> yeah, of course i do. >> jon: okay. >> welcome to straight trippers or we cool. >> jon: isn't that title racist. >> oh, yes, definitely, but not if i say it. >> jon: all right, let's go on to our first story if we k we will start this is an easy one if you want, easy one. >> halloween is over but its controversy surrounding a costume is continuing after a boy dressed as a member of the ku klux klan. >> jon: okay, remember we're starting fresh. panel wa, do you
things that the men don't ever seem to hear much about. but a woman candidate will. governor christie cares captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by comedy central >> stephen: tonight, the president does damage control on obamacare. if you like your burst appendix, you can keep it. (laughter) then scandal surrounds a popular clothing line. apparently spanx is not an invitation. and my guest, steve mcqueen is director of the film "12 years a slave." it's the harrowing story of a non-superhero movie being made in hollywood. (laughter) butterball warns there may be a turkey shortage. apparently they were caught off guard by this whole thanksgiving thing. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) (audience chanting "stephen"). >> stephen: not bad, not bad! welcome to the "report," everybody, good to have you with us. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. folks, tonight -- folks, thank you. i -- i thank y
this way but here's a place in the effort he don't the same thing in the same place some of upstairs. and you can really see how - how he has by this point if you compare this and this for example. this exactly is the advice of one point prospective. this is something you can go in this direction and that direction it's fascinating about the passage of time earlier in the day and the shadows are changing. this has incredible it's been opened up and this is over and over again, there is this feeling the mortality. there's a remarkable certificate pictures when the people are 39 out the forest and they pile "those logs on the side of the road and david doesn't say those charge cool drawings on paid-up wood on wood. to my mind an expired drawing of what it looks like when they've been carted away. this is like life and dedicate and david himself asked for a particular tree the total thank you. and a will go on to do a whole series of the tomato thank you. the trees it is the xhrld a it portrait. at the same time once again he's about to take off on a side tangent a friend of his like
that everything was okay and i don't know if that complaint, something that was done in the 80s or something that was done, you know, in the 90s. but that is where it is at right now and i am just trying to not ignore anybody, but being diligent to stand up for the property and that is my inheritance. >> okay. i would like to hear from the staff, again. and whether you know, the fact that this building is in probate, and it will be sold, the recommendation for us to act on this at all? >> i don't want to get into too much, but for today, we discovered that the subpoena power or court decision would be to with the property that there was a deed recorded and stating that the owners who is deceased and that somebody else had ownership, and that the superior court decision was that document was... (inaudible) and that deed was reversed. so, i think that it would be best that we would just move forward cleanly, and on the order of abatement rather than being dragged into the details that don't need to be exposed in public with regard to the whole ownership. so i just do that. >> and am i to under
as well so i don't see any advantage in restricting them only to that particular avenue. the problem of course with option 2 is that hayes street will simply become a kind of a boulevard for tour busses and there will be a lot of them. and i certainly wouldn't want to be a resident on that street under those conditions. i urge you to support option no. 1 because i believe that those tour busses are completely out of scale to the neighborhoods in which they navigate the streets and they are a hazard to all vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian and bicycle traffic. there is no way that you can logically expect a bus that advertises that if you think this bus is big, you should see our airplanes, could possibly make a reasonable turn on any of the antique streets that surround the area. so i believe that you need to seriously to eliminate them completely from the historic district and allow the tour companies to come up with smaller options that benefit the scale of the neighborhood and i thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> michael lyons. >> good afternoon, commissioner, members
's allegations that legitimate placards are being misused by people they don't belong to, increasing the rates of use, is wrong. there is absolutely no data to support this claim. the report admits it is impossible to report if a placard was illegitimately obtained. that does not constitute widespread misuse. that's a point 003 percentage rate. this report or this investigation was spurred off a visual observation of 45 percent of (inaudible). >> my name is richard ow, i'm a member of the commission. we understand and i support every one of these items should be enacted and i know the problem of the parking. i live in chinatown. in the meantime on grand avenue and columbus avenue, stockton avenue, 60 percent of the parking space i see the blue placards and there are lots of misuse. we have to take care of this problem and then i really think that you have a very good idea, those 16 percent of some driver do have a car but they are really low on income. and these parking meter, they eat up $3 per hour and they can afford it and i hope that the state will pass legislation and your local staff p
into georgetown, that's what happens to us. busses that size don't fit on our residential streets. please stop it. the other thing is that if you put, i prefer option 1, but if you put the stop at pierce street and fell, with that number of busses it's never going to work so just remove it and tell them they have to go someplace else and have the tourists walk to our community. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker. >> good afternoon. >> hi, there, good afternoon, thank you commissioners and director riskin. i live on the third floor on a house on scout between fulton and mccallister who was not included on the map, thank you very much for the informative presentation with the kind of entrance ways to the park were not really featured. my block is one of those entrance ways. the folks on the bus are right below me from my window. as the presentation indicated there is the noise of the bus going uphill, the narrators, i have heard the same part of the same sentence hundreds of times, it's terrifying to think of the same person saying the same sentence that number of times. we have heard you
. >> don't put that building there. >> plus get the buzz shot for your chance to rennin ere. >> the video i'm about to show you has caused global outrage. >> no, she is not. >> you did just see this pregnant woman just weeks show of delivering this baby grab a hammer and strike her own belly. >> why? why would you do this? >> well, apparently she did this to show how hard her baby is, how strong her child is. the person recording this video is apparently the child's father. >> she's not like trying to abort this pregnancy in some way or injure her baby? >> this happened back in october of 2012. the baby was born just fine but this video has gone eye vooi rahal and people are incredibly upset. >> i think more just the sheer stupid at this. she could have easily killed this woman did a photo shop to commemorate her child's first birthday where she apparently claims her child is a super baby, in part because of her five she moved into her parents' home in the u.k. but because of the backlash she received in the individual yes, he in hiding because apparently she's afraid for her. here you can
coast to coast. >> weather fine here i don't know what's going on over there so we are here nice and early and hope to get out. >> headed to the airport take the travel tip with you. check the airline web site to see if they allow flight changes for free. seen up for the app for the latest on any delay. by thursday the storm will be gon gone. but strong winds hyped it could spoil an 87 year tradition. those giant balloo balloons macy thanksgiving day parade could be grounded. tonight 15 states have winter weather advisory here in the nation capitol we won't see any snow but it is beginning to feel like christmas. white house tremendous areeves on friday. >> now if flying delta u.s. airways united and jet blue will waive any change fee for people who pet stuck for the flight get cancelled. it's it's likely that more air lens will do the same as this storm hits. >> in december san francisco international airport will bring in train dog like toby to help passengers who are feeling a little stressed. the dog will be deployed at all term national thanks to the spca and animal
. the hobby lobby says the evangelical christian religious beliefs of the company's owners mean that they don't want their employees to have access to contraception in their health insurance. another case was a mennonite owned wood working business from pennsylvania. mennonites are sometimes confused with the amish, but -- not believing in health insurance itself all together. so if your boss is a mennonite or is an amish guy who thinks that health insurance itself is wrong, does that mean that you don't get health insurance at work even if otherwise the law would say you had to? that's what's so fascinating about this case. it is the rick santorum, the pill kills folks they're an outgrowth of the anti-abortion movement, they think contraception is the same thing as abortion and they're against them both. if you're against birth control these folks are your folks. these are the folks who put person hood on the ballot in mississippi and colorado and other places, in which case if those things pass, all abortion would be criminalized, all of it. but also the iud would be criminalized because th
a religious freedom claim, then what's to keep any company from saying we don't want to serve jews, we don't want to hire gays. >> that's the slippery slope here. >> that's what the supreme court has to be very concerned about. >> so the question here, is can a corporation hold constitutionally protected religious beliefs. what if the west borrow baptist church started a greeting card company and decided not to give -- effectively decide if a company can pick and choose which laws it will follow, based on the personal religious beliefings of its owners. >> joining us now is justice correspondent pete williams, and pete, why did this case come before the court. there's a split at the lower federal court level about whether or not these parties have a claim. >> that's right, the hobby lobby won its case in the fifth circuit court of appeals in denver. the constitution does give personal rights to corporations, the supreme court has given a number of them over the years, including most recently, freedom of speech rights. the third circuit court of appeals t other one the supreme court agreed
identified six victims but four remain. >> where are the bodies? >> what bodies? i don't know anything bit. >> in his words, girl near heelsburg. girl on mount tam. girl from miami. girl from berkeley. >> who are those women? >> you tell me. >> i don't know. you know. >> you're still playing games. >> nochlt ask the prosecution. i judge. i don't know. >> nayso says he's saving the true meaning for aprily. he won't explain why he didn't use the information if it would have helped the case. >> that is my family picture. >> i pressed him on this bizarre photo that he took of mannequins. he applied make up and dressed in lingerie. >> you've got ten. does that correspond to your list of ten? >> no. no. it doesn't. >> sit for the women you killed? >> no. no. >> he kept pictures and momentos in a safe deposit box 1 woman, apparently dead at the friem her waist down. her husband identified her by under wear she wore. >> he's wrong. >> who's photograph was sna >> a lady from the waist down you kept in your safe deposit box. have you no idea who it was? >> no. >> did you take it? >> i don't remembe
housing and job-training company's earnings i don't think it is a bubble right now. neil: i want to thank you very hpq watch it tomorrow, money with melissa francis is next. melissa: making money from fake followers twitter trying to save face after reports that one in 10 twitter accounts is fake. inside tips on where you buy them, what you get. always about money. melissa: first up holiday deals on housing real estate motion will don peebles returns, a scoop on how to wrap up your best deal ever, chairman ceo of peebles corporation, don we're so thrill to have you back, our audience loved you last time. i think a lot of people don't know this one of the busiest weeks of the year for deals, a lot of people that are trying to get things done, and closed. before the end of the year, what is the best way to approach a deal this time of the year. >> good to be back. now is a good time to get deals done, banks that are holding real estate, they haveaken back through are will recession, they are looking to get the properties off their books by year end, they report to regulators, and t
that now the electrical needs the up greating in the whole building and i don't know that yet and i need to get the electrical inspection division to verify that and also the plumbing is concerns, that i think, that someone mentioned that the electrical is in dangerous condition. and so, that would be a certain that if they are going to do that, you know, that is going to open up the walls, and so you would not be living there through that. >> and holding on to the time is difficult for dbi to do because the permit lasts for a certain amount of time. >> thank you. >> would you agree that the word contemplated here is very labor intensive? >> without seeing the plans, i can't really answer that 100 percent, but i would say that, it seems to be and most of the work and you would imagine that the work is going to take place foundation, and sheer walls, and you know, the labor insensitive but i don't think that they are totally touching 100 percent of the building to do the work just the certain areas. >> but it is all wood framed. and the amount of work that is anticipated there is quite ex
what? you know what? i think cnn's the don lemon put obama's public implosion into the proper perspective. >> you won't find two politicians who've had worse weeks than president obama and toronto mayor rob ford. they've had a pretty bad week. (audience reacts) president obama saying sorry over and over for his so-called signature achievement, obamacare, rob ford admitting to be a crack smoker. (audience reacts). >> stephen: yes, obama is in the same tight spot as toronto's crack-smoking mayor. i mean, the parallels are everywhere, folks. both had press conferences-- and that's it. (laughter) but, folks, comparing the first black president to the first blackout mayor isn't unfair. it's not unfair at all because lemon made sure to ask several times whether it was unfair or not. >> is it fair, though, to compare the two crises? >> no, it's not fair to compare them at all. they're totally different. >> i'll ask you the same question. is it fair to compare the two crises? because it's about damage control not whether the two crises are equivalent. >> exactly and i think it's fair
entrances to the bridge. >> look at this team of people. >> don't worry, they did this to me one time. >> this is lovely. >> these people are going to come out and they're going to go, clear! did you finally go around? you went through the lincoln tunnel? >> no, we didn't. we went around the whole round about. >> you had to come across the bridge, though. >> we came across the bridge, yes. >> finally came across the gw. >> yes. >> in 20 years, we've never done this, i don't think. >> wow, you look good. >> this is really good. >> amazing. >> andrew probably -- how about the news except there was a big storm this morning. >> it is a bit of a mess out there. in fact, if you're planning on traveling that massive winter storm that dumped snow in the west is now pummeling the east with a lot of wet weather this morning. as you would expect, this is reeking havoc on some thanksgiving travel plans. look out if you're on your way to work this morning, it is going to be a bit of a mess. reynolds wolf will join us from the weather channel in just a moment. you look good. >>> the dow and the s&p
-searching. admitting yowere wrong. but it's something that don't always see it. it might be a subliminal mesage. >> i think there are a number of lessons and there are those that talk about austerity i not the answer and reform is and we really are trying to have a focus with eal people in politics. we expect our candidates to do things exactly right and i think in many cases we are not compromising byny means and that means being a firm conservative across the board. learn from others in our state about better ways to communicate and better ways to weed and that is something that we need to do nationally as well. >> touchÉ to you, governor. a fascinating book. scott walker, it's very different. it's not what you're used to reading. in the meantime, a huge storm that is looking like a perfect storm at the perfect time to hit in today's markets, a lot can happen in second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution, look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derrick chan of fidelity investments
what i have said. >> i don't refute everything that you said, bill, necessarily. but we have to look at the whole picture. the whole picture is that hindsight is 20/20. if we go forward to 2019, the joint tax committee of congress has said that over $400 billion will be brought into the country. if we look at taxation, no question they are there are going to be higher taxes for some. but, overall the middle class will not have the burden. lower income people will have access to healthcare and the individual employer mandate are choices, bill. >> leslie, with all due respect what happened what happens in 2019 is unknown. >> your husband is a doctor says not. >> no. >> i thought your husband is a doctor. >> yes is he an orthopedic surgeon. >> so your husband is an orthopedic surgeon. is he happy with this obamacare? >> um. >>um he is? >> oh, god you have to do this to me. huge fight in the car the other night. you would love him the other night, bill. >> i don't want. >> their bottom line is going to reduce. >> i'm not getting in the car with you and your husband. i am assuming is he n
, correct. he would have been able to sell it. if he just had felt like, you know what i don't want this any more i am going to sell it. >> he cannot sell it. >> not after revocation. no. but what will happen is that this is going to be a voluntary for sale after revocation. and that forced sale will allow him to recoup the majority of that money. >> minus. >> can he sell it prior? >> he has already been revoked. >> okay, i got it. >> all right. >> is there any alternative that we could sell it if, i mean is the mta willing it remove the revoke allowing him to sell it or not at all? >> not at all. >> okay. so your position is firm. that it is either revoke or we give it to him. >> that is correct. >> okay. >> the other medallions that were turned in, were they allowed to sell? >> no. they were turned in, let me back up. i do believe that we allowed one to sell but there were two who were not allowed to sell at all. they had to simply turn it in. >> okay. and why did you allow that medallion hold er to sell? >> i don't remember, i remember the corporate permit and they are not allowed to sell
a number of instances of explanations that were not credible at all. and we had people who told us i don't know how these transactions got in there but i use my card all of the time and i use it to go to the doctor, they never started at home and never go to the doctor. and we also have one person who did tell us a very credible story. that she had lost her card for a period of some months. she was able to recall the date of the ride and the date sha she requested a reprint card and when we matched up those dates, the pattern of the suspicious behavior was squarely between them. >> it happened during the period that she contended that the card was out of her possession. >> and is the amount of money on these cards, electronically loaded? >> >> yes, it is linked back to an account but it is not a stored value card. >> it is automatic reload? >> pretty much. yes, that is correct. >> if we issue a new card, the old balance rolls over automatically. >> that is not my question. >> i am an account holder and i am a debit card holder. >> okay. >> and i use of the para transit system and i gave
don't want people making a calculus how to get from point a to b by unsafe feeling. our trait goal is a safe transit system and that was for that system our cleave got together with our police commander and put together a - work together to put together this program to secure the grants. that he it was really chief, sir and his officers that have been responsible for the numbers the tremendous media progress and so happy to bring up our cities great police chief sir, >> thanks ed. i have to tell you it's a great pleasure to be a police chief where where i have the support of the da and the former police commander and everyone comes together. this program that was 234ish9d through this grant that put additionally police proteins on the buses it's an 80 percent decline over a thirty day period and a better than 70 percent decline in theft. those are not insignificant numbers. we can be better through awareness and education that can really impact if we engage with the community to make things better. two out of every 3 robberies involve a smart phone. if the people will remember to
a couple of weeks ago, they said we don't want to sell our [inaudible], go away. the bracket from 2200 to 177 thousand are from the low to the high, we keep people in jail at 200 dollars a day, 5600 dollars a mother, so we see why the rents are -- they don't care about you, i am a former number local 22, and martin luther king spoke there, he said in america, one day basic black and troubled white would be on the constitution keyboard, when you go to the turkey bowl, think of the people who have come here in san francisco, what are we really doing in san francisco, black and white born here yesterday, how significant is it that he would be here on the day of kennedy assassination. we need to give thanks and make sure that this board and this building, this city does on the west coast accept all people. you know things are not going right and you can make the change. make that change, the man in the mirror, we add the board of supervisors and the mayor, every day is thanksgiving for someone, gobble, gobble, gobble, ho, ho, ho. >> thank you, have there any other members who wish to speak
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